Buy refurbished furniture from Cundys Upholstery

Sheffield based Cundys Upholstery has a small selection of quality used furniture for sale.

Looking for some new furniture?

New furniture can be very expensive to buy. An alternative option is to buy restored furniture. Over the course of our work Cundys Upholstery often comes across a piece of furniture which we decide to buy for ourselves and restore. We enjoy the process of restoring old furniture, creating something that looks like new again, which will be ideal for people to use and enjoy once again.

Furniture for sale

We will shortly be adding some pictures of restored furniture to this page which are available for sale. You can be assured that all of the restored furniture is in excellent condition, lovingly restored by experts with more than 30-years of experience and ready to take pride of place in your home.
If you are looking for a specific type of furniture, it’s always worthwhile giving us a call. We deal with furniture every day, so it maybe we’ll be able to find and restore just the item you are looking for.