Your local furniture foam supplier in Sheffield

Furniture foam by Cundys Upholstery.

Need some foam?

If you need some furniture foam size, Cundys Upholstery in Sheffield can help. If your cushions have lost their springy feeling or the back of your sofa is starting to lose its support, then it is probably time you changed the foam inside your covering. Just let us know the measurements you want and we will be happy to supply foam to the size you want. We have high quality form that is ideal material for any type of furniture and a variety of uses, from filling cushions around the home to filling cushions in commercial seating. Don’t put up with an uncomfortable seat, give us a call instead.

We can supply foam for:

  • Cushions, chairs and sofas in your home
  • Commercial seating for pubs, restaurants, bars, nursing homes etc.
  • Boat and yacht seats
  • Caravan upholstery
  • Anywhere that needs foam to make it comfortable and relaxing

Having new foam fitted in your furniture not only makes your seat more comfortable but also it reduces muscle fatigue and helps with your posture.